Codicil⁢ in ⁣law refers to a legal document that serves ‍as an amendment​ to an ‌existing will. It is used in⁢ estate ‌planning⁢ to​ make‍ changes⁢ or additions to ⁤the​ original ‍will ⁤without having to‍ create ‍an entirely ‌new⁤ document. ‍A codicil must adhere to specific⁢ legal requirements to‌ be⁢ valid and legally binding.

Understanding⁢ the‍ purpose of ⁢a‌ codicil is essential ⁤in estate planning to ensure⁣ that your final wishes are accurately reflected. A codicil allows you to make minor changes ⁤to​ your will, such as updating beneficiaries, altering bequests, or adding new provisions. By‌ utilizing a codicil, you can maintain‍ the ⁣integrity of your original will⁣ while ⁤still addressing any necessary ⁣modifications.